David Strorm

  • Son of the religious community leader, Joseph Strorm
  • Dreams of a world outside of his own with aircraft and sailboats
  • Has the ability to communicate with the others telepathically
  • Is in love with his half-cousin, Rosalind
  • An extremely brave character

Joseph Strorm

  • David’s father, a prominent landowner
  • The local magistrate and religious zealot in Waknuk
  • Disturbed by anything different from the Norm and has no tolerance for Offences or Blasphemies

Sophie Wender

  • A girl David meets when he is playing with himself
  • Is a Blasphemy, because of her twelve toes
  • Is sent to the Fringes after being discovered
  • Is in love with the spider-man, but is unable to bear him children becuase she was sterilized when she was discovered

Uncle Axel

  • A trusted relative of David’s
  • A former sailor
  • The only person besides the other telepaths who know about David’s ability
  • Educates David about the wider world, an helps him avoid being exposed as a Blasphemy
  • The one who murdered Anne’s husband, to protect David and the others’ abilities

Rosalind Morton

  • David’s half-cousin
  • Is in love with David
  • Has the ability to communicate telepathically
  • An intelligent and practical woman


  • Another telepath, better educated than David
  • Continues to communicate with David after he has fled to Waknuk to alert him of danger

Petra Strorm

  • David’s youngest sister
  • Has the ability to communicate telepathically beyond their district
  • Has the most powerful range and potential of all the others – is eventually able to make contact halfway around the world.

Gordon (spider-man)

  • Joseph Strorm’s older brother/David’s uncle, exiled to the Fringes as a child
  • Has abnormally long limbs which make him look like a spider
  • Wants Rosalind so she can bear his children
  • Is fond of Sophie



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